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Easy mode for the system interface

A simpler alternative interface could be great for a wide range of groups. People who encounter barriers with understanding or remembering complex interfaces, children, even some people with motor or vision impairment would benefit from simpler navigational structure. Access only to the core content items that they need to access, without being able to get lost in menu options that aren’t relevant to them.

This already exists on other platforms. One example is the easy mode found on Asus smartphones, which gives you a single fixed simplified interface. But some Doro phones go further and allow any section of the interface to be turned on or off per the capabilities and interests of each user; for example being able to turn off sections of the top nav to remove complexity for people who don't use TV or social.

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  • Gary Ducharme commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dear lord yes. Allow some ability to disable some of the features or simplify the structure. The ability to set a custom home page with all of the core functions/buttons you want to allow you to set quick access to those things you need quickly, and to branch off into other more complex layers which have their uses, but seriously I don't need all the time and have to scroll through to get where I really want to go. Obviously you need some core level features available at all times, but the OS on XBoxOne is ridiculously over-complex!

  • BlinxESP commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Xbox One current menu feels so akward, it is so goofy in my opinion. So many options for what? I mean, yes, people like options but this is just too cluncky and meaningless customization... Just give me some **** nice looking simple menu, with the games and apps I recently used, let me put all the marks I want, and don't bring more stupid buttons to the screen like: Groups (why in the **** I need to see that? I have a controller with buttons, I don't need to see it on screen) Make it clean! Hire some actual UX designers and graphic designers. This looks done by IT with no knowledge on design and no taste. Simple, faster, more fluid... Come on! You are Microsoft ! Not a cheesy chinese company, geezes!

  • ELIT21 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    i have idees for this just renable the last xbox360 menu because this is very complit and simpel menu ¡¡¡ for xbox that renable give more style ,,, more simplified and this create compatible acces to player on 360 and one because one is just have add the graphique cart

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